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What to wear at your session.    

Like fine furniture and automobiles, portraits should be purchased with considerable forethought.  The very word "Portrait" comes from Latin roots that means "to draw forth," so a portrait should be more than a mere record of your face.  It should reflect your character and personality.  Character, not youth, is always the hallmark of a photogenic face.  Please bring portraits or snapshots of yourself that you may or may not like so we can discuss them with you. 




Bring a change of clothes just in case, we may advise you which will be best for your portrait.  Especially bring your favorite clothing that fits best.  Your portrait will be more enduring if your choice of clothing is less likely to go out of style soon. 

Recommendations                                     Things to Avoid

Simple lines                                                  Outfits showing tan lines

Darks with Medium colored clothes              Short sleeves for men

Medium with Light colored clothes                Cluttered look

Soft Pastels                                                   Bright Stripes

Solid Colors preferred                                   Bold Patterns

Dark Shoes & Hosiery                                   Mixing light colors with dark colors

Subdued patterns                                          Sleeveless (OK for children)

"V" necklines                                                 Puff short sleeves (OK for children)

Scarves                                                         Ruffles (OK for children)

Casual to Dress Clothing                              "Fad" clothing styles

No High necklines                                         Trendy make-up

Long sleeves for men or women                    Large earrings

Pastel or neutral nail color                             New hairdo or hair cut

Family clothes color coordinated – everyone does not have to ware the same color         


Winter colors are in the dark to medium colors (remember black is not considered a color). You can mix grays, hunter greens, burgundy, browns colors together; or you can go to the blue, purples, a blue red tones.  Fall colors would be on the order or orange reds, burnt oranges, rich browns.   Summer colors are in the light to medium colors (remember white is considered the absence of color and not recommended).  Here is where you can use your pastel colors or tan tones.  Where you are having your portrait taken, and where you plan to display it, should have the final say on what colors you choose.  Call anytime if you have questions.


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